Eight friends race toward certain doom! Be the last one flying to claim victory!

Wormhole! is a space themed board game for up to 8 players that turns the traditional rules of game play inside out. Everyone starts out at the edge of the board on a spiral track and takes turns rolling dice and drawing cards until everyone except one lucky individual reaches the center, making them the winner.

Every turn you roll the dice, move closer to doom and draw a card. That card may be good, it may be bad, but it will certainly be unpleasant for someone. Red event cards go into effect immediately and may move you forward or back, swap you with the nearest ship or even make you take another turn. Blue mass cards add mass to your ship (or the perception of mass…wormholes are tricky that way). Mass is the most common card type in the deck and comes in 25, 50, 75 and 100 unit variants. Mass is bad, because for every 100 mass you accumulate you have to roll another die on your turn. So if you’ve got 300 mass sitting in front of you, you’re rolling 4 dice every turn. And that’s just not going to end well. Green action cards are like red event cards, but you can hold onto them and use them to avoid the bad stuff. Green action cards can send your highest mass card to the person behind you. Or if you happen to be that person behind you can dodge that mass and let it keep on heading back. There’s even an action card that will let you skip your own turn!

Wormhole! is easy to play once you’re familiar with the rules…which fit on a standard sheet of letter paper and are surprisingly NOT rocket science. The game comes with two printed rule sheets but the rules are available as a downloadable PDF if you need more. You can also download the EPS ‘House Rules’ to add more variation to the game.

Also available for download is the 3D model of the ship we used in our prototype. The model is available as an OBJ and STL file on the Wormhole! website. It can be used with most home 3D printers as well as online or local 3D printing services.

The Design

Wormhole came into existence while I was working on a larger, more complicated board game (Pirates of Ares). It started significantly more complicated than the final design, with a series of rings that players had to navigate instead of a constant spiral. As we play tested and redesigned, we simplified the game play down to its core mechanics resulting a simple and easy to understand game with fun mechanics.

All of the elements of the game were created using Illustrator, Photoshop, and 3D Studio Max. The original prototype was fabricated by myself using the print ready graphics, a wide format printer, and a Micro3D 3D printer. We then used PrintPlayGames.com (a division of AdMagic) to fabricate a higher quality prototype and Hollywood 3D Printing to create higher quality ship pawns.

After attempting a Kickstarter project to fund a large run that fell short, we turned to the Game Crafter to produce the game as a print on demand title. The original hexagonal cards were traded for standard poker cards and the custom pawns were scrapped for stock rocket pawns to keep the price for a single copy within reason. We also released the expansion deck, Warped Space!, that we came up with to add more options for players.


Wormhole! is available to purchase as a print-on-demand title at the Game Crafter for $39.99 (plus shipping & handling).

Wormhole!’s expansion, Warped Space!, is also available to purchase as a print-on-demand title at the Game Crafter for $14.99 (plus shipping & handling).


Like what you see?

Wormhole merchandise is available on the EPS RedBubble store!