Wormhole Go!

A three to four player version of Wormhole without the board.

Wormhole Go is one of two games I’m currently designing based on the feedback I received from the original Wormhole! game.

Wormhole Go is currently in the testing phase.

The Design

Wormhole Go is designed to address some of the feedback we received from the original Wormhole! game. Firstly, it seeks to be more bank account friendly by getting rid of the game board and making the box smaller. Secondly, and more importantly, it changes the randomized card mechanics to a card pool mechanic that everyone plays from making the overall results of the game feel less random.

The Goal of the Game:

To be the first to escape the wormhole by reaching the green Escape! spot on your dial by rolling combinations of 5 dice to activate action cards. At the same time, and with the same dice, you can slow your opponents or even get them swallowed by the wormhole by activating community event and wormhole cards to push them to the red Danger spot on the far end of their dial.