Wormhole Advanced (WIP)

A co-op adventure set in the Wormhole universe for 3 to 6 players.

Wormhole Advanced is one of two games I’m currently designing based on the feedback I received from the original Wormhole! game.

Wormhole Advanced is still in the early development stage.

The Design

I wanted to create a cooperative adventure in the Wormhole universe that utilized the backstory I created as well as better separating the randomized elements of the game from player decisions. The resulting game has a team of 3 to 6 players working together to repair their research ship in order to escape the clutches of a wormhole that unexpectedly opened up near them, spewing forth debris and damaging their ship before pulling everything back into it.

The goal of the game is to repair the ship’s engines and navigate out of the wormhole. While players are trying to do this the wormhole is pulling them in as well as nearby debris that damages the ship and the players, hindering their efforts.

The Setting:

You’re the crew of a CASI (Charybdis Astronomical Sciences, Incorporated) research ship on a routine trip to one of the company’s many outposts on the edge of known space. Then the run become anything but routine when a wormhole opened up in your path throwing debris everywhere and knocking out power to the ship’s engines. Reserve power has just come back online as the wormhole has started to suck everything nearby back into it, including you! Anyone not still not on board must have died in the initial event and everyone that is conscious must now work together to avoid being sucked into the wormhole along with all of the debris it spewed forth when it opened. This certainly isn’t in the job description, but you must survive!