WCS Toronto StarCraft 2 Main Stage Design & Renderings

Preproduction renderings and designs along with CADs for venue approval

ESL, Turtle Entertainment America

ESL came to me to produce 3D renderings and CADs for the main stage at the WCS (World Championship Series) event for StarCraft 2 being held in Toronto.

The Design

I started with a basic stage that ESL had used before and using a variety of stock elements that they had used before, I reconstructed something new. I started with layered full print walls that separated the casters and players and provided ample room to hide mechanical and electrical elements from view. My original design also featured different stage heights but the idea was scrapped to allow for budget constraints. A large projection screen was placed in the center for replay and spectator use, while two smaller side screens allowed the audience to constantly see what the players saw or allowed for large shots of the casters as they spoke without dropping the imagery on the main screen.