A card game of rapid dueling

Standoff! Is a fast paced dueling card game where two or more players duke it out by pitting fighters armed with deadly weapons against each other in a bid for power. You’ll have to think quick, bluff, bait, and make the most of the arsenal you’re dealt if you want to make it out of this standoff on top.

Ideal for 4 players, Standoff! can be played with as few as 2 people or as many as 16! With 4 players you’ll go through every card in both decks. With 16 you’re going to be doing a lot of shuffling.

Each game comes with two decks of 48 cards and a folded rule sheet (hint: use the rule sheet to keep the two decks separate). One deck contains fighters, your representative in the duel. The other contains weapons that your fighter has hidden until the very last minute. Each fighter and weapon card has a color and a point value. Weapon cards also have a multiplier value, either x2 or x3, that is applied when your played cards match in color (a four color card is a wild card and its multiplier will always be in effect).

In Standoff!, everyone plays at the same time instead of taking turns. Each hand is a round of three sets and a complete game consists of four rounds.

The Design

Standoff! is designed around a simple framework that allows for it to be easily re-skinned and themed. The core mechanics are always the same, as are the point values and the scoring. The colors and card names can easily be changed without disrupting the mechanics. The first version is a Wild West theme, with Buccaneer (pirate) and Wasteland (post apocalyptic) themes planned for future development.

All of the elements of the game were created entirely using Illustrator and Photoshop on a Windows machine. I normally like to work back and forth using manual illustration and digital, but I stuck to the computer for the type and texture work on this one.

The font for all of the type is Impact, a font that many avoid due to its availability on nearly every computer and severe over use and misuse by amateurs. I took the base typeface and smashed it together, eliminating most of the space between the letters and letting the strong, straight vertical lines overpower and overlap any curves or angles (except the ‘S’). A 15 degree vertical shear added the kinetic element that the font lacked on its own.

Standoff! Wild West Edition is available to purchase as a print-on-demand title at the Game Crafter for $19.99 (plus shipping & handling).