DNA Helix LED Centerpiece

A science fiction themed centerpiece zombie themed board game manufacturers convention

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The only piece of a larger quote to actual be made, these standalone DNA helix centerpieces stand over three feet tall and feature LED underlighting.

The Design

With bases and caps made of wood, centers made of extruded acrylic and vinyl tubing, and LED laden pucks in their bases these centerpieces were an interesting build. for the helices we fed vinyl tubing through lase cut acrylic end caps that were then cemented to a large acrylic tube. We then attached the tube to a black wooden base and top cap and filled the inner tubing with blue colored distilled water. The bottom of the bases were left open to sit over a battery powered 6 inch puck covered in super bright LED lights.

In all, we made around 16 of these centerpieces that the client shipped off to two more conventions!