Great Gatsby Themed Custom Bar

A custom made themed bar with built in LED lighting

BTB Events

At BTB, we fabricated two of these bars after I designed them. The first client, Penske Automotive, was throwing a Great Gatsby themed party (after the movie) and needed several custom themed elements. The bars saw usage at several other events as well, as the colored LEDs in the front and black paint allowed it to fit well in a variety of special events.

Gatsby Bar

The Design

After researching the promotional materials from the movie, I settled on the geometric pattern used throughout the advertising campaign as the core centerpiece. I created a template using AutoCAD that the shop used to produce two bar fronts cut from plywood and affixed over translucent white acrylic. The rest of the bar was built around the facade, RGBw LEDs were installed, and the remainder of the bar was painted black to match the front. Renderings were also produced early in the process using Illustrator and 3D Studio Max to show the client our direction.