ESL TV Hearthstone Legendary Series Broadcast Assets & Logo Design

Integration overlays for a Hearthstone competition broadcast on Twitch

ESL, Turtle Entertainment America

ESL contracted me to create a set of on screen broadcast graphics for their new Hearthstone Legendary Series as well as the logo for the competition.

In order to produce a new set of assets that work well with their established motion graphics methods and software, I started with several old sets of graphics and established a new visual dynamic that incorporated textures and effects that were similar to the visual style of the game.

About midway through the design I was also asked to design the competition logo. They had several roughs but needed someone to bring it all together. Using their roughs as a starting point, I used the card backs from one of the rarer sets available in the game and used the same text style and textures used throughout in the asset package. I also layered the elements in the logo to work well with their motion graphics software for on screen effects and wipes.