BTB Marketing & Business Collateral

Marketing Flyers, Web Banners, and Business Forms for BTB Events

Not all of my work at BTB was focused on making exciting and unique events. Many of my days were spent creating the graphics to drum up new business in ways the sales people couldn’t and streamlining office operations through consistent and reliable design.

Full Page Brochures

I designed these double sided letter size sales brochures to help the sales team market our services to our weddings and fashion clients. I also started similar brochures for other types of events but they were either never ordered or never completed.

Vouchers & Print Advertisements

While most of our business at BTB was word of mouth, we did tap into print advertising a bit and even offered vouchers that were given out at conventions and promotional events.

Web Banners & Email Graphics

Along with print ads we ran several web banner ads that targeted specific niches of the special events world and also ran email blasts. I created most of the graphics for the emails and my creative director wrote the content.

Office Forms

After noticing the low quality of a form used by one of the producers, I went about collecting all of the forms used on a daily basis in the office and then redesigned them to be in line with the (newly established) style guidelines. After redesigning the basic layout of each form I added up to date fields based on feedback from the staff to better serve their needs. I created two versions of each form, a print version and a digital version using Acrobat. The traditional print version worked great for some of the more traditional producers while the others used the digital forms to cut down on paper usage.