BTB Events Rentals Website

A Magento powered website for customers to set up rentals and custom orders

BTB Events

The first major task that I had at BTB Events was to create an online rentals catalog that potential customers could use to view the company’s massive inventory and submit quote requests.

The Design

To make the site, I used the Magento ecommerce platform and restyled/coded their basic theme to fit my needs. I also used a variety of 3rd party plugins to hide and modify certain functions of Magento in order for the site to function the way the company wanted it to. Once completed, the site had over 2000 unique products on it, a modified shopping cart to submit quote requests, featured items, and promotional codes.

In making the site, I also had to re-photograph a large number of items that either did not have images in the current inventory or were of poor or low quality. It also allowed me to standardize the look and feel of the images which resulted in a more unified presentation of the company’s stock.