ESL Hearthstone & StarCraft 2 Caster Sets

On Site 3D Preproduction Renderings

ESL, Turtle Entertainment America

I was brought in by ESL for a weekend on-site project where I assisted the management in designing and visualizing two sets for BlizzCon’s Opening Weekend for 2015. The first set was for the Hearthstone competition. The second was a caster set for StarCraft 2.

The Hearthstone Set

The Hearthstone set was designed to be a single piece L-shaped set that could be filmed from a single camera on a track. The central idea was that the camera would never need to cut away and could seamlessly switch from casters to player introduction to gameplay and then to after game interview. Additional static cameras were still in place to capture for in-game cuts. The set was to be constructed to resemble the inside of a tavern modeled after the promotional material and loading screens from the game.

The StarCraft 2 Caster Set

The StarCraft 2 set was not a gameplay set like the Hearthstone set. Instead, it was to be cut to in between matches where casters and analusts could break down gameplay in a themed environment. Many of the elements of the room were designed to cover up mechanical elements in the room and were based off of various elements of the game, such as Raynor’s battlecruiser and Tychus’ prison.