I’m Andrew Needles.

I’m a graphic designer, game designer, production designer, draftsman, and creative problem solver. My purpose on this little blue marble in space is to create visually interesting and engaging solutions to any design problem that faces me, regardless of the content and conditions.

I have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Cal State Fullerton, where I also studied mechanical engineering before delving into the world of art and design. The ability to objectively and skillfully approach my work has allowed me touch a large variety of fields, including architecture, special events, and esports as both an in-house designer and a freelance operator.

After suffering a nearly fatal motorcycle accident at the start of 2015 and spending the majority of the rest of the year in recovery I am back to working as a freelance designer. In my spare time I design board games, play video games & MMO’s, and run/play D&D with friends.

My Process

Hands On

As a maker at heart, I take a hands on approach to my work. Being involved in the creation process, even from a distance, keeps me sharp and allows for new opportunities to get better while creating better designs.

Lots of Tools

I take great pride in the number of tools I know how to use and my ability to learn new tools. From the good old #2 pencil (though I prefer B softness) to computers to jigsaws, understanding the possibilities available to create allows me to approach designs from unconventional angles to provide better solutions.

All the Facts

When I work on a project, be it a CAD or a logo, I strongly believe that more information is always better. Knowing all of the facts allows for a more complete experience to be crafted and allows issues to be addressed before they even arise as issues.

Always Objective

One of the hardest parts of being a designer is remaining objective about what your clients and you’re designing. By remaining objective I can focus on creating the best possible solution to a creative problem that addresses all aspects of the design, the people that will use it, and the people that are paying for it.

My Clients

My Mobile Portfolio

Having trouble viewing my projects here on my website or need a copy on the go? Then click on the link below to download a PDF of my current mobile portfolio.

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I’m not in the custom fabrication business anymore, but I know some of the best people that are. If you need something custom built, then contact my friend Joey over at Lounge Logikk.

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